CE Marking – CE or UKCA Audit

CE or UK CA Audit

When purchasing new machinery, do an Audit to ensure it meets all legal requirements. End Users should check it is CE or UK CA marked correctly and is safe.

The Audit shows that a Technical File exists for the equipment, or can be compiled for the equipment. (Or not). Lets you see that the Essential Health and Safety Requirements have been addressed. Shows that all relevant tests have been carried out. EMC, Lifting, Noise, Vibration etc.

Safe Machine Ltd. can carry out these checks and also review the machine. Generally the best time is at a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), or just prior, so guards can be opened and electrical panels accessed. Alternatively, there is a free to download CE Audit checklist that can be downloaded, and used as required in the panel to the right.

This does not remove the need for a PUWER assessment when the machine is installed. It does ensure that Regulation 10 of PUWER has been addressed. It ensures that non-compliances, are brought to the manufacturers attention before the machine is shipped. More importantly, before the final payments are made.

The machine manufacturers permission should be requested before an audit is carried out. There is no legal right for anyone to see the Technical File, other than the Health and Safety Authorities. However, any manufacturer not willing to demonstrate that the Technical File can be compiled, should be treated with caution, as in the event of a problem, they may not take any responsibility.

These are all examples if incorrect CE marking.

Wrong CE 1

The CE marking should be at least 5mm high and ideally part of the manufacturers plate.

Wrong ce 2


Wrong CE 4




The correct format has the C and E as two interlinked circles, without the grid. If the CE marking is not correct, it may just be a minor error, but is sufficient to go back to the supplier and ask questions.

The UK CA mark is below, and should be used without the grid.


UK CA Marking
UK CA Marking



In all cases the markings must be more than 5mm high.


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