CE Marking or UK CA Marking of Machines, Assemblies of Machinery and Lifting Accessories.

Machinery supplied for use into the European Economic Area must carry CE marking. UK CA Marking is required in the UK.

The CE marking or UK CA marking shows that the manufacturer is declaring conformity with all Directives and UK Regulations relating to that product. This is the ‘New UK CAApproach’ which is intended to reduce barriers to trade within the EU.

From January 1st 2021 UK CA Marking is required for machinery and products being supplied into England, Scotland and Wales. Different rules apply in Northern Ireland. For more information, please see Press Articles.

The Directives are brought into each European countries legal system, in the UK as Regulations. It is a criminal offence not to comply, punishable by fines or imprisonment.

ce markingIt is the manufacturers responsibility to ensure that machinery complies with the Essential Requirements of all Regulations that may apply.

Practically, what this means is that there must be a Technical File available for the machine, or assembly of machines. This should include how the equipment meets the Essential Requirements of the Regulations that apply. Risk Assessments, test results, detailed drawings and calculations demonstrating that the equipment is safe should also be recorded. There should also be a copy of the Instructions and the Declaration of Conformity, or Incorporation if a partly completed machine.

Safe Machine Ltd’s machinery safety consultants can carry out design reviews and risk assessments at an early stage. We therefore assess the machine and documentation and provide guidance as to what, if any modifications are required. Safe Machine Ltd. can compile the Technical File, address the EHSR’s and provide a list of Designated Standards to use.


Sometimes Safe Machine Ltd. will act as the Responsible Person and sign a Declaration. This is generally for complex assemblies or one-off machines for a specific purpose, where there is no recognised manufacturer.

CE Marking
CE Marking

CE or UK CA Marking applies to all new machinery, new assemblies of machines (even if existing machines). It also applies to machinery built for in-house use, interchangeable equipment and possibly modified machinery.

Member States must presume that products bearing the CE marking comply with the provisions of all applicable directives. Member States may not prohibit, restrict or impede the placing on the market and putting into service in their territory of products bearing the CE marking, unless the provisions relating to CE marking are incorrectly applied. UK applies the same requirement to UK CA Marking.

Since July 2021, there is a requirement for any company supplying CE Marked equipment to the EU to have either an importer or fulfilment centre that holds Technical information, or an EU Authorised Representative is required. This must be a person in the EU for the EEA. Hold Tech Files Ltd. can act as the EUAR in the EU. Hold Tech Files is based in the Republic of Ireland. This also applies to companies supplying Northern Ireland.

Safe Machine Ltd. can also assist with the production of technical files, risk assessment and any testing that may be required. Our machinery safety consultants carry out PUWER assessments, which should be done before the machine is put into service.

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