Free Downloads

Free Downloads:

Please feel free to download any of these Free Downloads. There is no registration required. They are intended as guidance only, not advice or consultancy.

EN 60204-1 for machine builders and panel builders – a guide to avoiding common errors – EN 60204-1 A Guide to avoiding common errors

Intended to highlight common issues seen in machinery electrical control panels.

Safe Machine Guide to CE and UK CA Marking – Machinery Guide March 2023

For machine builders supplying CE or UK CA marked machinery to EU and UK.

White Paper on the need for EU Authorised Representatives – Machinery – HTF WP 001321 White Paper

Explains need for an EU AR for non-EU based machinery builders that don’t have another economic operator.

White Paper on the need for EU Authorised Representatives – Other Products – HTF WP 002321 White Paper

Explains need for EU AR for those building equipment other than machinery for non-EU manufacturers.

Hold Tech Files Website.

A new version of the EU guide to the application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC has been released: edition 2.3. in April 2024.

The biggest change is an explanation of how to provide Digital Instructions for Use; it may now be supplied in accordance with Article 10 of the forthcoming Machinery Regulation EU 2023/1230. Download a copy here.

Other Guidance

Many companies provide guidance for CE and UK CA Marking or for specific areas such as EMC compliance.

SICK – Guide for Safe Machinery – SIX STEPS TO A SAFE MACHINE

This guide is aimed at manufacturers, users, designers, system engineers, and all individuals who are responsible for machine safety.


Siemens have a guidance document Instructions for Design of Drives in Conformance with EMC Regulations

It is for Siemens products, however the principles are the same for any drive and it has a list of basic rules to follow when planning a control panel with drives.


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