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The Essential Health and Safety Requirements or EHSR, of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC should be addressed by machinery manufacturers to determine which ones apply to their machine. In some cases, specialist help may be required. Below are a list of some EHSR’s, with links to companies that may be able to help solve problems.

1.1.6 Ergonomics – Ewen Rankin is an ergonomist with experience of machinery. Ewen Rankin

1.2. CONTROL SYSTEMS – Safety Systems Technology Ltd Emergency stop – The device must have clearly identifiable, clearly visible and quickly accessible control devices – the picture opposite demonstrates what a client did, with a lot of E stops on a site or line, the picture allows the E stop to be visible, and also to be identified with what it stops. The text below is edited to state a specific Line or individual machine. EN ISO 13850 (2015) suggest a layout picture should be used, this could be applied in place of text.


1.5.3. Energy supply other than electricity  – Industrial & Marine Hydraulics

1.5.8. Noise – INVC

1.5.7. ExplosionEx Veritas

1.5.9. Vibrations – INVC

1.5.11. External radiation (EMC Testing) – The EMC Centre

  • Free guides to the basics of panel design for EMC – Schneider EMC GuideREO Guide for Panel Builders;
  • More advanced is a book by Kenneth Wyatt  “EMI Troubleshooting Cookbook for Product Designers”, available from IET or Amazon.
  • An American book ‘Electromagnetic Compatibility’ is available here EMC Book, first chapter can be read free, PDF download available.
  • Webinars from Cherry Clough – EMC Basics Webinar

1.5.16. Lightning – First Power

How to carry out a lightning risk assessment and tool to do so

More information on Torro website 

1.7.2. Warnings of Residual Risks

There are many sign companies that will produce signs. EN ISO 7010 is the standard that shows signs, this website shows all acceptable safety sign symbols – ISO Website

1.7.3. Marking of machinery – 2G Products

Section 4 – Lifting ARM Machinery

Other links will be added as required. If you have suggestions, please e-mail to derek@safemachine.co.uk.

Useful Websites


Rapid Alert System – Weekly Notification reports

 Materials Processing Institute – A Teesside based Research and Innovation Centre serving organisations which work with materials, materials processing or energy. The Institute specialises in challenging processes, particularly those involving high temperatures, hostile environments and high specification materials.

The Spencely Library holds a computer with the COMPLIANCE Risk Software for users of the MPI Library.
Call 01642 382000 or e-mail 

Michaels Story

The reason we do all of this work to ensure machines are safe, is so that people who go to work have a safe environment and go home at the end of the day to their families. For anyone who doesn’t think this is a good reason, please go to the Louise Taggart website and see the results of not doing things properly – Michaels Story.

The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC text is provided by the EU. The UK Government brought the Directive into UK law as the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008. There are some minor differences in text. Safe Machine Ltd. carried out a comparison of the text of the Essential Health and Safety Requirements. This can be downloaded below.

The differences are minor and can be considered not relevant.

Download EHSR Comparison PDF


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